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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

For all those who are on the road quite a lot and want to experience as much as possible the smartphone is there true companion. That is why we at gift2gether are committing to our innovative app on iOS and Android. Thus gift2gether cannot be used on your PC.

Every apple smartphone from version iOS 10 and every android device from version 5 can use gift2gether. Access your AppStore or PlayStore and download gift2gether for free.

Downloading and using the app is free. Nor are there any hidden costs when using gift2gether. You and your friends only pay the value of the voucher selected by you. If the voucher has to be sent by post, delivery costs will be charged.

We obtain voucher from our merchant partners. Since our partners exclude vouchers from the return, they can neither be exchanged nor returned.

The initiator receives the selected youcher after project end. The voucher will be delivered either with e-mail or by post if this option was selected. The voucher will thus be printed and gifted by yourselves.

We want to support you and your friends to organize a group gift for a future event on time. Every friend can choose himself when he/she wants to pay for the group gift. It can take up to three days to receive the voucher from our retail-partner. From experience you as initiator should start the project at least 7 days prior to the event. Sorry if we are not your first choice for last minute gifts – but we are working on it.

5 to 15 friends usually participate in a group gift project. But there have been cases where a lot more got together to gift together. gift2gether helps saving time and effort for small and large gift projects. In order to avoid confusion the numbers of friends which can be selected is limited technically to 50 people. Please note that because of the minimal transaction amount for each friend (at the moment 10-€) the targeted value of your group voucher will increase accordingly with each new participant in your project.

You and your friends can pay with the usual credit cards and by directbanking with SOFORT.

For the moment there is no alternative payment option beside credit cards and directbanking with SOFORT. Time and again it happens that a friend pays for another user, who has no iOS/Android-phone, credit card or directbanking.

We carefully select our partners, which are well-established and valued by their customers. Should there be problems to redeem your voucher at our partner’s shops, please contact the respective retailer directly.

Maybe you are familiar with gifts that are not appreciated. We as gift2gether consciously decided for vouchers to be the best option for your group gift project. We want to offer you and your friends selected partners fitting to nearly every gift category. Even though in most gift projects there is a concrete application case - the new red boots, journey to Greece and so on – the donee can still select if the taste should not be met exactly.

If the respective retailer allows for flexible amounts of his vouchers, every user will be able to pay within the limits displayed in the app. As a consequence the target of your gift project will be exceeded frequently.

You can start several projects that can overlap as you like. Sometimes it is you who is organizing the project, for instance a forthcoming birthday, where you are inviting friends. Sometimes you are just participating and contributing – for instance for a wedding of a friend.

We take privacy and the security of your data very seriously. The payment service provider who processes our gift2gether payment transactions meets the strong safety regulations of the payment card industry.

You reached the maximum limit for the voucher, which is specified by our retail-partners? But you would like to give away a higher amount for your voucher? Unfortunately there is no possibility for us to raise these voucher limits. However, you can easily start a second project in parallel and thus increase the total amount you want to donate.

Even our everyday lives are filled with birthdays, weddings, birth ceremonies and any kind of anniversaries of friends, colleagues and our family members. And there is always a gift to be organized. There is always that guy that volunteers to collect all the money – sometimes he does that still month after the respective event. The founding team of gift2gether, Michael, Horst and Andreas were convinced that there must be an up-to-date solution to this everyday challenge. So we made our dream come true and can offer you a completely new experience for group gifts.

Our Partner Wirecard handles the secure processing of your payment